CoRover™ is an award winning SaaS based Mobility platform which connects users and help them collaborate with each other. This cloud based social media App has group chat as well as private chat options with privacy control & many other features. Chat works with and even without Internet! We have CoRover Mobile App, SDK & White Labelled solutions which can be used as digital communication tool in various domains (Travel – Train/Bus/Flight, Hotels, Events, Colleges, Apartments, Hospitals, Helpdesk/ServiceDesk, Marketplaces/Merchant-Vendor Connect etc.)

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Why will it change your life?


  All Travel Needs in One App! Buying Local Products: Pashmina, Walnut, Saffron etc. Booking: Hotel, Taxi, Flights, Bus, Taxi etc. Call a doctor: Talk to doctor for free for any medical exigency during travel.

CoRover Connect

CoRover Connect: Connecting All Rovers! Now all the active CoRover users (Rovers) will be able to interact with each other. A default group/trip is created on the home screen. This feature will help all the Rovers to collaborate and help each other related to any travel needs. Do group chat, private chat, share photos etc. Users may share their travel experiences; share any travel related offers etc. As usual, users can block other user(s) for a reason. Configure privacy settings based on your preference. And, user may also leave/delete the group if he/she wishes to. Travel is Fun with CoRover!

Travel Buddy

Your buddy for any travel related needs!

Total Control

Complete Privacy Control – You can allow or disallow group chat, private chat and chat notifications. If you don’t want to talk with someone, you can raise a block request.


While travelling, you can search and connect with doctor, palmist, mate, someone with the same interest or occupation, someone to talk with, someone to exchange the seat with and many more. We guarantee that you will have a pleasant journey.

Group Chat

If you want to chat with many travellers at the same time, you can do it easily within our app without spending much time chatting with every one in a private conversation.

Private Chat

Once you get the travellers profiles, you can choose to privately chat with anyone you like. This helps you to make your journey pleasant and helps you make friends on the go.


Whatever you are in a bus, train or flight,  you need just to add your trip information to CoRover and we will show you all travellers and co-rovers that are with you in the same flight, train or bus.

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