We inched close to the island. Netrani was a sight for sore eyes. The boat was anchored and I put on the diving gear and joined the scuba diving instructor, who was very friendly.  I took a deep breath and rolled into the sea water.

It was all a blur at first. We ventured deeper and it got clearer. I could spot patches of the most colourful coral. The instructor pointed towards something. When I looked, I was able to see some parrotfish. Upon venturing further, we spotted groupers, eels, sea urchins and even jellyfish! I later learned the names of some of the fish we spotted. They were butterfly fish, stonefish, bannerfish and many more! I was the last to finish and came out of the water and joined my fellow tourists in the boat, back to Murudeshwar.

I was very grateful to have met all these people, without whom, I never would’ve mustered the courage to try something new. They made my trip unforgettable! Thanks to the CoRover Connect App.

I hope I meet people like them, everywhere I go.

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