Amidst the countless prayers and the energy of the devotees at Murudeshwar, there is a figure of calmness that stands high into the sky. It is the statue of the Mahayogi – A calm and meditative form of the Lord, who is otherwise known as the God of destruction.

The sunshine reflecting off the lord competes with the gleaming water of the sea behind him. He sits on the Kanduka Hillock, in Padmasana, grasping his weapon of choice, a Trishul and the spiritual Damaru. His hands don the Vitarka and Bhumisparsha Mudras, which invoke knowledge and awareness to see beyond the material world. His destructive side remains shut, as does his third eye. He overlooks his devotees and the calmness of his state seems to transcend into the atmosphere around, and into the people.

A visit to this town is sure to relax one’s mind completely. See for yourself!

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