CoRover : We take stress out of travel About Us – CoRover Connect

CoRover™ is an award winning SaaS based platform (Mobility & Portal) which connects travellers in a particular event, location or trip; with each other and with administrative staff, curated vendors, emergency responders & other service providers, to provide safe, convenient and fun-filled travel experiences.

This cloud based social media App has group chat as well as private chat options with complete security, privacy control & many other features. Travel focused Chat Bot (AI & ML based). Chat works with and even without Internet. Patent Pending!

We have CoRover suite of Mobile Apps, SDK, White Labelled solutions with complete admin/configuration portal, which can be used as digital communication tool in various domains.

At CoRover, we all come to work every day because we want to solve the biggest problem faced by millions of daily travellers in india.Travel in india is stressful. Travellers visiting their far flung relatives or busuness related overnight travel or going on vacation or pilgrimage face the same problems. The travellers can not get help like finding good quality food at reasonable price, buy local merchandise without feeling like they got cheated or in case of emergencies reach the correct authorities who can help them; this ends up leaving bitter taste in mouth and unnecessary travel stress. The bus operators and trains staff often do not know what is the most sought after problem and provide help in real time. Our mission at CoRover is to connect travellers with each other and with staff, curated vendors, emergency responders and other service providers.

CoRover is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company!