We were done with our stay at Murudeshwar and were about to leave, when we heard about Apsarakonda falls from a fellow tourist. We decided to check it out, since it was only 20kms away. Apsarakonda stands for the pond of angels, as it was believed that it was visited by angels.
We reached the destination and we had to trek to reach the falls. And when we reached there, I found it to be true to its name. The force of the waterfall was just right for a quick drench and it formed a calm pond below. We lazed in the pond and when we got out, we got a chance to explore the numerous caves around the pond. They are called the Pandava caves as people believe the Pandavas hid here during the time of their exile.
We never would have found out about this place, if not for our tourist buddy. It’s always great to talk to fellow tourists. Thanks to the CoRover Connect App.

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