To have the cool salty breeze brushing across one’s face, as the waves make its way towards the shore and departs washing one’s feet, who stands overlooking the eternity of the ocean expanding till the horizon, swallowing up everything thrown at it. To realise that no one’s ego and vanity is ever greater than the force of nature that is calm at once and ferocious in no time, to live through the beautiful experience and to grow as a human being is all that one crave. To become one with the nature and to cherish those moments that expand one’s consciousness till infinity, one definitely has to visit the beach.
If you ever are on a trip to Karnataka, here are a few beautiful beaches you would love to visit:

Panambur Beach:
This beach is known for its picturesque quality and it expands up to Surathkal. Hundreds of tourists flock here during Summer to enjoy the splendid Arabian Sea upon whose waves many ships can be seen sailing across. This beach is situated on the Mangalore-Udupi highway and is around 10km from the heart of the ever-bustling Mangalore city. Various water based activities await those who visit here, such as, Jet Skiing, sea surfing, etc.

Malpe Beach:
This beach is situated about 6km from Udupi town. This beach is well known for its never-ending coastline. This is also an important port and fishing harbour on the Karnataka coast. Many water based activities such as Jet Skiing, sea surfing, Banana ride, etc., are conducted.
The sun set viewed from this beach is picturesque and extremely beautiful. Other prominent features of the Malpe beach are the four rocky islands that are situated quite close to the mainland.

Tannirbhavi Beach:
This beach comes second to Panambur beach in popularity amongst the beaches of Mangalore. This beach is well connected and it can be reached by both land and by ferrying across the Gurupur river.
Close to this beach is the Tannirbhavi Tree Park, expanding upto 15 hectares, and initated by the Karnataka Forest Department. The Tree Park includes tree species found in the Western Ghats and the herbal and medicinal plants. There are also sculptures that depict the various cultures such as Yakshagana and Buta Kola.

Karwar Beach:
This beach is located in the Uttarakannada district of which the city Karwar is the headquarters. It is said that the great Indian poet Rabindranath Tagore wrote his first play, inspired by this beach. It is situated about 100km from Goa and Karwar beach is well connected by both road and railway. It is an island beach. Both national and international tourists flock here during the months between September and May. Karwar is known for its sea food, especially fish.

Murudeshwar Beach:
This beach lies at a very close vicinity to the Murudeshwar temple, dedicated to the Lord Shiva. It overlooks the monumental statue of Shiva sitting in the meditative posture. This beach is a major tourist attraction and also a place for the pilgrims to relax after visiting the famous temple.
Various water based activities are conducted here too. Early morning is the best time to visit this beach with various birds that fly across. One can also enjoy a boat ride around the Murudeshwar temple.
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